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Real Estate Flyer Distribution

The main aspect of our business here at ROC is the distribution of your marketing flyers direct to residential homes.  Our distribution department has been strategically built using a strong team of dedicated walkers, who work hard to ensure your flyers are delivered to the areas you have requested both professionally and on time. 

Our premium, high end distribution methods are what sets us apart from any other company. We have worked hard over the years to sharpen and perfect our processes so that by the time your advertising reaches your customer base, it remains in pristine condition and stands out, ensuring your business is seen and noticed.


Our ROC tracking software is what sets us apart from other distribution companies. We are one of the few companies offering this unique style of tracking, so when you work with us, you are receiving a level of quality, reliability and transparency.

Through our exclusive map app and using the latest in mobile technology, we have found a unique way to track your advertising material that is being delivered by our team of walkers.

This technology ensures that our team are completing the distribution process in an appropriate and effective manner.  Giving you peace of mind that all aspects of the process have been carried out to your specified requirements.

When you work with ROC – Real Estate Flyers we guarantee:

  • Delivery is made direct to letterbox slots and not crammed into newspaper holes or mixed up with other materials
  • Well trained team of walkers and supervisors
  • Flexible cut-off times so you know your flyer is out into the market asap
  • Seamless production and delivery process, saving you time and money
  • No minimum flyer limit requirement
  • Tracking software ensuring accuracy and transparency with delivery

Our systems have been refined to achieve the greatest rate of success for our clients and to offer peace of mind that your marketing material is being distributed on time and in the most effective way.

When you choose us, we work with you to find the right marketing plan, in order to have the most successful campaign including suburb selection, delivery radius and delivery cycles. We know it’s not a one size fits all approach and that’s why we individually tailor a plan to suit your needs.  To help you meet your budgeting and time requirements, as well as maximising your exposure in the local area.

Since 2003 we've helped Real Estate Agents grow their profile, promote their brand, and become the market leaders in their area.

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