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ROC Tracking Software

Our exclusive ‘ROC’ tracking software was created after many years of working in the industry and refining our processes and systems. Through challenges and set-backs we have been able to identify ways of increasing a Real Estate agents reach in  every advertising campaign.

Our unique mobile app was designed to be able to track the deliveries via our walking teams mobile phones, ensuring that time frames, delivery areas and radius requirements have been met. The tracking software identifies the route as it is being taken in real time so that we are able to monitor the entire process and correct any issues that may occur in a quick and efficient manner.

Once our walkers have finalised their delivery drops, the information and maps are uploaded to our management system where we are able to audit the route and ensure it has been completed correctly. It also gives our team the opportunity to relay information such as leftover flyers, relevant notes or any issues they may have faced, so we can continue to refine our processes to better serve our clients.  

The tracking system has proven to be effective as it ensures walkers do not miss any locations and are able to complete the distribution of your materials with fewer delays or difficulties. This makes the process seamless from start to finish as the team are able to see their locations clearly and our management systems retain a register of the route, which you can request at any time.

As this software is exclusive, we are the only distribution company that can offer you this additional peace of mind when it comes to your marketing. Having access to every part of the process including times and dates of our delivery drops is an invaluable resource for a Real Estate Agent.


Our ROC tracking software is what sets us apart from other distribution companies. We are one of the few companies offering this unique style of tracking, so when you work with us, you are receiving a level of quality, reliability and transparency.

Through our exclusive map app and using the latest in mobile technology, we have found a unique way to track your advertising material that is being delivered by our team of walkers.

This technology ensures that our team are completing the distribution process in an appropriate and effective manner.  Giving you peace of mind that all aspects of the process have been carried out to your specified requirements.

If you want to know more about how our tracking software works, or you would like to speak with us to arrange your flyer distribution, get in touch with our team today!

Since 2003 we've helped Real Estate Agents grow their profile, promote their brand, and become the market leaders in their area.

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